Physical exploration-Ställbergs Gruva
HD Video, 2014


As part of a residency at Ställberg's Mine (Sweden) I made a physical exploration of the area in and around the main building.

  Physical exploration-Chair
HD Video, 2012


In Physical Exploration - Chair I'm examining the relationship between my body and an everyday object - the chair. In a slow pace the chair and I search for positions in which we can challenge our everyday co-existence.

  Physical exploration-Table and Chair
Photos. Dimensions variable. 2012

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  Physical exploration-Livingroom
Photo and text. Dimensions variable. 2012

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  Physical Exloration - Kvarteret Eken, Sunbyberg
Video 00:07:26, 2009

Excerpt from video


This site-specific video was made for the seminar and exhibition Open Engagement at Marabouparken.

The municipality of Sundbyberg develops, and the area along the river in Sundyberg is sold to private housing companies. In the sales contracts, clauses are included saying that public spaces must be a part of the plans for the new constructions. In the specific area I chose to work in, the public space consists of a narrow gravel path between the dwelling houses and the private yacht club. Questioning the size and the shape of the space I used my body as yardstick and tool for interruption of expected behavior as means to investigate these particular things.

  Physical Exloration - Kungälv
Video 00:05:36, 2009

Excerpt from video


Physical Exploration - Kungälv was shown at Mimers Konsthall in Kungälv, Sweden in January/February 2010. During the exhibition the work also "visited" an undertaker, a bank and two cafes in Kungälv.

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  Physical Exloration - Åmål
Video 00:08:35 (loop), 2010


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