Ekenäs. En faktabok
Tammisaari. Kietokirja
Ekenäs. A book of facts

Text, 2014

The content in Ekenäs. A book of facts is presented in chronological order, as it came to my attention during my two-month stay in Ekenäs.* General questions that I hope to address through the book are

What is true about a place?
What is worth telling? Whose voice is heard?

One copy consists of three books: one in Swedish, one in Finnish and one in English. Two copies are donated to the city library in Ekenäs and are placed on the ”Ekenäs shelf”, thus standing together with the more traditional historical and factual books.

*During February and March, 2013 I visited an AIR program in Finland, run by the Cultural Foundation Pro Artibus. The program is aimed at Nordic artists who are interested in implementing site-specific art projects in a public setting. During my visit I worked on a project where I continued my studies on how a place is represented, mainly through maps and
guides, and how this material reveals a hierarchy in the town. Through various activities (such as workshops and talks) I sought to discuss this material and were looking for other aspects and voices that were not already heard and seen in the public image of the town.